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Traditional power plants adopt water cooled systems to cool the steam turbine exhaust vapor by large open cooling tower – leading to excessive water consumption.

The more modern power plants are adopting Air Cooled Condensers to replace open cooling towers, reducing water consumption by over 75% - providing an economic and environmentally friendly solution.

Air Cooled Condensers are widely used in the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, gas separating industries as well as the traditional and Renewable Power industries.

We as significant provider for design and engineering of Air Cooled Condenser can support you in the early stage of projects with our specially developed ACC design program.

Shuangliang Clyde Bergemann support you to design, supply, installation and commissioning of Air Cooled Condensers, with the following main products:

A-Frame Condenser
Vertical Condenser
Hybrid Cooling
FinFan Cooler